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Green Library Update

For those of you who are not familiar with our Green Library Initiative, here's a little overview of what we do and updates on our recent Green Library activities...

The Green Library construction has been entirely funded by donations to the Lembeh Foundation and the construction is almost complete. Green Library projects have been taking place for around a year and have been a huge success in local villages on Lembeh Island. The Green Library is located in the heart of Pintu Kota Kecil village and is also used by the local Sunday School. Lembeh Foundation Trash Bank workshops are also conducted in the green library.

Lembeh Foundation has official Green Library status from and this in itself is a major accomplishment. Green Library Status can only be obtained by showing dedication and commitment to educating the next generation about the importance of environmental sustainability. To demonstrate the required level of commitment, Lembeh Foundation appointed a Green Guru (Helen Pananggung, who is both Lembeh Resort staff and a resident of the local village of Pintu Kota Kecil). Helen has had to show a commitment over 6 months (to date and ongoing) of regular activities, teaching and project work with the children in the local village.

Green Library projects have included learning about the rare wildlife (flora and fauna) of Lembeh Island and North Sulawesi, learning about sustainability in local communities, the problems associated with plastic pollution and sustainable solutions to these problems.

Among some of our most recent activities have been educating the children in the villages about hydroponic gardening, building trash cans out of plastic water bottles (above), the difference between organic and non-organic waste, why and how to compost their waste (below) and most recently the children are learning about why and how to save money!

The next steps for the Green Library are to complete construction and furnishing of the interior of the Green Library building. The Green Library will continue to provide educational workshops, events, educational trips and initiatives for both children and adults from Lembeh Island communities.

If you’d like to support Lembeh Foundation and the ongoing initiatives on Lembeh Island by making a donation, please contact Lembeh Foundation on or click here for more information.

Donors will be sent a donation form, and once a donation is received by Lembeh Foundation, you will be sent a tax form for claiming tax relief.


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