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Earthquake Relief for Palu

Here in North Sulawesi we are unaffected by the disaster in Palu, thankfully its quite far away from our part of Indonesia and not even the slightest tremors were felt in our region.

The last few days we have been working with the Lembeh Foundation to find way to get the aid to the people of Palu. We have now found a solid solution and today a C-130 Hercules aircraft from the Indonesian Airforce will fly from Manado Airport to Palu with all the emergency supplies that we have managed to gather with the help of donations from all over the World. The army will distribute them in the places that they are the most needed.

The items most urgently needed are basic supplies such as drinking water, water purification filters, rice and of course hygiene and sanitation products

Donations made by the Lembeh Resort owners and staff has already made it possible to buy an entire truck-load of products including 14 blankets, 6 boxes of 1.5 liter bottles of mineral water, 15 boxes of instant noodles, hygiene & sanitation products, 50kg of rice and several cartons UHT milk. These supplies were delivered by Lembeh Foundation member Friska Trilia Madundang.

Friska delivers much needed supplies to the airforce drop-off point

The relief efforts will continue and if you are interested in supporting us with a monetary donation then please visit our donation page. All received funds will be going into an Indonesian bank account which is held by the Lembeh Foundation. Since Lembeh Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organisation and donations will not be taxes neither will any fees will be deducted. 100% of donated funds will be used to purchase products for the good of the people of Palu. 

More supplies will be shipped with another aircraft during the beginning of the coming week.


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