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Eco-Divers Join Lembeh Foundation

Eco Divers Lembeh Foundation
Lembeh Foundation with Andrea Bensi of Eco Divers

We are delighted to announce that Lembeh Foundation has a new member – Eco Divers Lembeh!

Lembeh Foundation was founded by members of Lembeh Resort and Lembeh Resort’s General Manager and founding member of the Foundation, Petra Schmiedl is delighted to have a new member resort on board.

“It has always been our intention to grow the Lembeh Foundation through the joining of other resorts in Lembeh and hopefully even further afield. So much more can be accomplished and we are delighted to have Eco Divers join and make a commitment to ensuring the natural beauty of Lembeh is protected for future generations”.

Lembeh Resort
Andrea Bensi signs Eco Divers up to join Lembeh Foundation

Andrea Bensi of Eco Divers commented that, “At all times Eco Divers aims to be an environmentally responsible tourism operator and to be socially responsible to its staff and suppliers. There’s no polite nodding of the head to the growing issue of sustainable environments here, but a genuine and proactive commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Joining Lembeh Foundation was the next obvious move, a no brainer!”

Through joining the Foundation, Eco Divers have committed to uphold the p[principles of Lembeh Foundation and support local communities, helping them to better understand the importance and the real value of the natural environment, especially the ocean.

Since 2010 Eco Divers has been a single use plastic free operation, which doesn’t use straws or plastic bottles and they try to minimize other types of single use plastic as much as possible. Andrea is looking forward to gaining the support and know-how through Lembeh Foundation membership to further reduce the use of plastic in the future.

Lembeh Resort Lembeh Foundation
Roy Pelealu signing on behalf of Lembeh Foundation

Andrea, like Petra, is looking forward to taking care of the natural environment in Lembeh Strait not as a single entity, but as a group. Andrea is also keen for more operators to join and ensure that the Lembeh Foundation's efforts can be maximized.

Eco Divers
Eco Divers team - "Say No to Plastic"

Andrea says, “Dive with a Lembeh Foundation member resort and you’ll also be helping to protect the environment and improve the lives of the resorts staff and their families".

From all of us at Lembeh Foundation we wish Andrea and his team at Eco Divers a very warm welcome!

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