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Our Green Guru Helen & Green Library Update

Green Guru Lembeh
Green Guru Helen with the children of Pintu Kota Kecil

We are extremely proud of Lembeh Foundation founding team member Helen Pananggung who has been spearheading our Green Library project in Pintu Kota Kecil village on Lembeh Island. Helen, is passionate about educating future generations and creating awareness about the environment, wildlife and ecology of Lembeh Island. Helen, who is also a Sunday School teacher, has obtained Green Library status for the Lembeh Foundation.

Green Library Lembeh
The Green Library in the early stages of construction

Our Green Library is an initiative in partnership with who award Green Library and Green Guru status to only a few organisations and individuals who can meet strict requirements and guidelines.

Funding for the construction of the Green Library has been raised entirely through donations which Helen has been a huge part of raising. Helen co-ordinates the village Sunday School Choir to perform at barbecue evenings for the guests at Lembeh Resort. Guests are able to purchase memory sticks of the singing and all proceeds go to the Lembeh Foundation.

Lembeh Foundation
Helen is educating the next generation about plastic innovations and conserving natural resources

Helen has been holding twice monthly classes, activities and projects with the children of the village as part of the application process for becoming a Green Library. Over the last 4 months Helen and the village children have learnt about endemic wildlife species, plastic pollution and solutions such as upcycling and repurposing (which will be carried out in tandem with the Lembeh Foundation Trash Bank project).

As an official partner of Green-Books, our Green Library will continue to host classes and educational workshops in the village which Helen will coordinate and teach.

The construction of the Green Library building is now nearing completion and Helen is thrilled to see the project moving into it's final stages. The Green Library building will fill a much needed role in the community of Pintu Kota Kecil which does not have a school. The building will house our Green Books and provide a place for children to study and learn about sustainability.

The building will also be used for plastic upcycling workshops for adults in the village as Helen strives to find economically viable options which provide the villagers with employment opportunities. Products made through waste plastic upcycling will shortly be available for sale in the gift shop of Lembeh Resort and hopefully even further afield.

Green Guru
Helen (right) is our Green Guru and founding member of the Lembeh Foundation along with Friska (left)

The Trash Bank and Green Library are just two of our current projects and we hope to achieve even more in the future. All funds which are donated to Lembeh Foundation are used to support sustainable projects and to provide economically and environmentally viable solutions for the communities and nature of Lembeh Island.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us and we will send a credit card donation form, upon your donation being successfully received we will also forward confirmation which may be used for tax purposes.


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